Thursday, October 20, 2016

💝 a famous simple word, but yet took us on a roaller coaster ride to feel it, found it, and have it. I believe all of us re trying hard to feel it..n Have it of course, but our mistake is we try it too hard..then again..we actually looking for love as if we try to do some shopping We Look in the dept store, we try it..does it fit us, we check the tag price..does it affordable.. But then again..shouldnt be like that..dont go on a date,dont bother to try it.. God make it simple for Love to be find, find Good one n marry one..n then ... ull Have Love..the Love uve been looking for 😉

Saturday, August 27, 2016

my girl

What can i say,having U is a process of an art for me Sweet Angel who craving my mind n soul but yet her beauty swept my pain away Uve been such a best friend more than i could ever expected would be You girl😘